Summer '19

Co-op at Silence

The following is a report on my Summer 2019 co-operative education work term with Silence.

Silence is a non-profit arts organization located in Guelph that provides an accessible space for artists and spectators, specializing in experimental work and improvisation.

Learning Goals / Job Description

Throughout this work term, I wanted to develop various skills. One of my main goals was to gain experience working with web design technology like WordPress and the technologies associated with it, as well as graphic design. I also wanted to improve my ability to work independently and manage my time effectively.  Finally, I aimed to enhance my critical thinking and analysis skills.

I developed these goals along with my supervisor to ensure they were a good match with the tasks I would be working on, but were still something to strive for while completing said tasks.

These skills can all be transferred to my future career, especially time management and critical thinking/analysis. Experience with WordPress and web design practices will also help me in most future circumstances, even just for the experience of learning new technology.

Most of my days were spent working on one over-arching project: the Silence website. The silence website had been the same for years. It was an old WordPress log with 32 pages, redundant content, and a difficult system for adding new event information. I was provided the tools to experiment and do my best to make it more attractive and user friendly. The final result is something I am proud to say I created. It is still being used currently as their live site.

The Silence team was small, with my only coworkers being my boss and an administrative assistant. I was able to work individually on my project and experiment with my own ideas, but also able to gather input from my coworkers sharing the space. 

I also designed a new logo and menu for the Dead Dog Cafe, the cafe inside Silence, as well as a few posters for events being held at the venue. I also worked during a few events, helping with set up and selling tickets at the door. 


Silence was a wonderful work environment that combined my interest in computer science and web design with my love of the arts. I developed very valuable skills with technology, individuality and time management, and critical thinking and analysis that will prove useful to me throughout my future career as a student and afterward.

The website I designed can be found at or with the button above.

Other Projects

Here are some other things I have been working on.

Phaser Pong

A clone of Pong

built using JavaScript and Phaser 3

In an effort to learn basic game development for browser based games, I ended up with the above. It's actually the second clone of Pong I've created, the first being a high school Java project made in NetBeans.

Before getting to the game I decided to put on this site, I also made two different clones of Breakout. One of these clones was made in pure JavaScript, with the second utilizing Phaser CE. 

All of these projects can be found on my GitHub, where I plan to add even more projects very soon.